Less Grease = Less Maintenance

Get the most out of your lift stations...fat, oil, and grease can wreak havoc on your lift station equipment. Using a floating lift station degreaser can cut down your maintenance.

  • Designed by engineers, chemists, and biologists specifically for lift stations
  • All-natural, non-hazardous degreaser
  • Floating...allowing for long-lasting grease control
  • Replaces foul odors with a pleasing scent
  • Has been used for over 22 years in lift stations across North America

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This specifically-designed solvent effectively cleans grease and build-up in your lift stations, reducing your team's maintenance. The product also floats, providing long-lasting control.

All Natural

Replace hazardous petroleum distillates - with an all-natural, non-hazardous product! This biodegradable solvent will not harm sewage bacteria and produces a pleasing scent. Your team and neighbors will thank you!

Task Specific

Why use an all-purpose degreaser when you can use one specifically designed for lift stations? Our on-staff engineers, chemists, and microbiologists have perfected this formula for use in lift station degreasing.